National Approaches

By Raphaël Ollivier-Mrejen, Pierre Michel, Minh-Hà Pham  07.13.2018

In 2014, the Office for Science and Technology of the French embassy in the United States— together with the French embassy in Canada— launched the French Ameri-Can Climate TalkS (FACTS), a successful science diplomacy initiative. 

Capacity Building and Development

Research university
By Lars Öhrström, Peter Weiderud, Morsy Abu Youssef, Omar M. Yaghi 08.03.2018
In this article the authors suggest a scheme for making science truly more global, while facilitating equal opportunities for all people to contribute and exchange ideas.

Transboundary Issues and Shared Spaces

By Theodore Trefon 10.13.2017

While diplomacy and partnerships can foster progress, they will only be effective when scientific research is embedded in an environment of good governance and functioning democratic institutions.